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Part of the responsibility of an "entrepreneur" is to learn. Our seminar training can take you to a level which gives you the control you have always wanted.

Professional Consulting

If you are motivated by profit, you've come to the right place.

The Team

We have spent many, many years together, working with small to mid-size business ventures. Let us show you how "to play".

a few words about us

All of us here at Edge4u.org are concerned about the current enviornment that small business is facing today.

The business tools and principles have not change, if anything, they gotten better over time.br>
And just what are those? Let's talk before its too late.

our personal and specialists

We have many many references. They are from most every industry. Here you will find two.
We can provide many more if necessary.

McGrath Construction.

Welsh Construction.

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Here is what we are up to

Responsibilities Comman to all Managers

Our major focus over the last few years has been seminar work to train executives, professionals, executive directors and small business owners in the practical application of business principles and the same knowledge that the "big boys" use.

The Future of Edge4u.org.com.

You are going to start seeing a lot of us. Excitement from those who have already discovered our services are asking for more. We will be putting atttention to seminars, workshops and on-site company training programs. We are currently setting up workshops for individual company management teams who want to focus on assisting in a management advisory capacity.

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