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Financial Seminars Level 1

Why take these seminars?

There are two ways of presenting business financials.


This means that accounting systems have generally been set up by an accountant or bookkeeper in such a way, that it "facilitates" making it easy to pay your annual income tax.


Which means to say, the accounting system is set up to generate business information used to make it easier to manage your business or your organization.

I have a bookkeeper or an accounting for year end tax filings. For that matter, I can even do that myself.

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Seminar 1 "Understanding and Using an Income Statement & Developing a Chart of Accounts".

Understanding and using an Income Statement is an important next step because this is the tool for managing profits and what it means to you as a leader. The Income statement shows you the money you spent to generate the money you earned. Using it requires understanding the math which in turn facilitates the better use of other financial tools that will be provided in this series of seminars.

The Chart of Accounts is the first step in taking control of your destiny. Business owners must understand the importance of designing a chart of accounts that provides the ability to differentiate between departmentalized business costs that allows for better business management. A correctly formatted chart of accounts also allows you to use your income statement in the most productive manner.


Attendee will understand the reason for designing a chart of accounts that goes beyond the limited general ledger accounts

Attendee will develop specific abilities to increase net profit by the use of additional layers of detail in the chart of accounts

Attendee will be trained in the mathematics (addition, multiplication, subtraction, division) found on any income statement

Attendee will learn how to read the Income Statement and understand what it says to them about the business

Attendee will understand how the Income Statement is used

Attendee will have an immediate improvement to your financial management skills



It will be two (2) hours in length

An additional $30.00 will entitle you to a 1/2 hour one on one discussion of your current chart of accounts and possible revisions you may want to make.


You should bring with you, your bookkeeper, your key manager, (both at no extra charge), and the latest income statement from your business.
The Internal Financial Management workbook that you have updated.
A calculator (if you are not working with excel), pen and paper.

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Seminar 2 The Development & Analysis of Allocation Ratio

At the completion of this seminar, you will have the ability to monitor your cost of doing business. This is done by developing key performance indicators (KPIs.) Allocation Ratio is one of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) that we can teach you. This indicator is your business SPEAKING TO YOU. Understanding this ratio is in effect, YOU LISTENING.

This KPI will be your finger on the pulse of several operational activities including, your pricing strategy, your decision making skills, and PROFIT.

You will understand what the income statement is exactly used for and what it means to you as a leader. At the end of this seminar you will have an immediate improvement in financial management skills, as well as, a serious personal career enhancement.


Attendee will increase their ability to monitor the cost of doing business by using their allocation ratio Attendee will come to understand the specific mathematics (addition and division) used to calculate their allocation ratio and how the relationship between incurred business expenses and pricing strategy is directly related to profitability.



It will be two (2) hours in length
An additional $30.00 will entitle you to a 1/2 hour one on one discussion of your current pricing strategy and further assistance.


A copy of the last 12 income statements (exported into excel if possible)
A laptop (if you are experienced with and use excel)
If you are not bringing a laptop, bring a calculator, pencil and paper.
Remember: you must take Seminar 1 before you can take this seminar.

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More about Financial Seminars

Taking these seminars will give you the ability to adjust your income statement to reflect information gathering geared towards internal business decision making.

This change does not mean that you are not still gathering the information you need for tax purposes, you are simply changing its presentation.

As a side note, you can actually create an internal financial analysis system independent of the accounting system and that is strictly for business management and decisions.

The information that you will be learning, is to be treated as HIGHLY confidential. WHY?

We will be providing you with information that can dramatically increase your odds of success, that can increase your profitability, that can increase you longevity, that can give you the confidence you need as a leader, that can make you very "COMPETITIVE".

What we teach you, you should not share!

We have trained companies generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and we have charged them hundreds of thousands of dollars for this information. You can bet that they will not and do not share this.

Seminar 3 How to Develop a Pricing Strategy.

In small business, pricing is done using many different strategies.

They include using the suggested Manufacturers Retail Selling Price; the "I price the way my father taught me" method; or the method of pricing based on cost and then marking it up with included many contingency percentages to cover anticipated and unexpected "contingency" expenses.

These strategies are actually "best" guesses with a little hope tossed in- "I sure hope its right".

But these strategies are not effective because there is a lack of financial knowledge or financial training.

And also because the income statement isn't generally structured to provide the relevant information needed for pricing.


Attendee will comprehend how to calculate a selling price for products or services based on the cost of doing business

Attendee will learn how to implement a pricing strategy that incorporates pre-determined profitability



It will be two (2) hours in length

For an additional $100.00, you will be entitled to a 1 hour one on one personal time with the instructor.


The financial work that you have completed to-date as we will be extrapolating from that information.

A calculator (if you are not working with excel), pen and paper.

If you are a non-profit and have no revenue generated from a service or a product line, you are welcome to move to the next seminar, BREAKEVEN ANALYSIS

Remember: you must take Seminar 1, and 2 before you can take this seminar.