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Financial Seminars Level 3

Financial structure creates an environment of protection and pro-active management.

Your financials and activity are very important, not only internally but externally as well.

Outsiders (Banks and lenders) get a "warm fuzzy" when you share your financials. Most small business owners do not know or even understand the importance of the company's financials.

If this is the case with you, take a beginning financial seminar and see what you have been missing.

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Seminar 7 "Understanding your Balance Sheet Ratios".

This seminar is not meant to teach you how to read a balance sheet but rather, what its purpose is and how it is to be used.

Every financial decision made has an impact on the balance sheet, in one way or another. Being aware of the impact of decisions on the balance sheet is important because it is what outsiders use to determine the health of a business.


Attendee will understand the purpose of a balance sheet and how it is used

Attendee will understand the four categories of balance sheet ratios

Attendee will learn to calculate balance sheet ratios



It will be two (2) hours in length


Nothing is needed for this seminar, all materials provided

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Seminar 8 Pre-Determined Profit Planning

A business operates within certain parameters that are built around a known and planned profit goal.

Pricing, financial management, and decisions are made with the goal of achieve a pre-determined profit.

This seminar will use the accumulated financial knowledge and Internal Financial Management workbook to discuss predetermined Profitability and Profit Planning. The goal is to put "You in Control of your own Destiny."


Attendee will leave with a fundamental understanding of how to build a business or an organization where profits and breakeven are PRE-DETERMINED.

Attendee will understand the importance of planning and executing goals and objectives that enhance, longevity, focus, employee well-being, growth, & profits using the Internal Financial Management system.



It will be two (2) hours in length

An additional $30.00 will entitle you to a 1/2 hour one on one discussion of your current chart of accounts and possible revisions you may want to make.


The Internal Financial Management workbook that you have updated.

A calculator (if you are not working with excel), pen and paper.

Remember: you must take Seminar 1 thru 7 before you can take this seminar.

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More about Financial Seminars

Taking these seminars will give you the ability to adjust your income statement to reflect information gathering geared towards internal business decision making.

This change does not mean that you are not still gathering the information you need for tax purposes, you are simply changing its presentation.

Seminar 9 Measuring Return on Investment

To manage a business successfully, there is a need to recognize the importance of return on investment.

It’s not the same as just taking money to the bank and getting a percent of return on that investment- this business concept involves evaluating expense vs. return and evaluating sales effectiveness & efficiency.


Attendee will understand expense vs. return concepts

Attendee will be trained in recognizing when it’s important to determine return on investment

Attendee will be trained to analyze return on investment and evaluate sales effectiveness and efficiency



It will be One (1) hours in length


The Internal Financial Management workbook that you have updated

A calculator and copy of the Income Statement (if you are not working with excel), pen and paper

Remember: you must take Seminar 1 thru 8, before you can take this seminar.