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Financial structure creates an environment of protection and pro-active management. Your financials and activity are so important not only internally but externally as well. Outsiders (Banks and lenders) get a "warm fuzzy" when you share your financial controls. Most small business owners do not know or even understand the importance of the company's financials. If this is the case with you, take a financial class and see what you have been missing.
Operational controls enhance your ability to "squeeze" the profits you are entitled to when running a business entity. Especially if you are building a business
Organizational structuring insures that communication, filing, paperflow, and other internal systems are conducted efficiently and effectively. If your competition understands this but you do not, they have you at a disadvanatge.
Available and Upcoming Seminars

These seminars are directly related to reading, understanding and utilizing YOUR financial information.

Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Mathematics, Ratios, KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), etc.

Reading an Income Statement

Chart of Accounts Development

Cash Management

How to read a "Balance Sheet"

How to read YOUR Income Statement

Developing Your Corporate Pricing Model

Breakeven Analysis

Ratio Analysis


Ratio Analysis

Calculating Cost per Mile

Calculating Labor plus Burden Rates

Calculating Employee Productivity

Key Performance Indicators

Internal Financial Management System

Creating a Corporate Pricing Model

These seminars are specifically designated as neccessary for solid organizatinal structure.

Why create Job Descriptions

Creating a Functional Organization

What is "Management"

Bring your Management Team up to Speed

Creating a Management Avisory Team

Flow Charting

ADA Compliant

Problem Solving

Go here to see the business principles that enhances your operational activity.
Key Performance Indicators

Operational Analysis

Basic Statistical Analysis

Production Scheduling

Inventory Controls

Production Meetings

Job Costing


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