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Why we are here!

Smaller business with few employees, that are providing a good service and excellent "value", cannot afford to pay for professional services.

Large firms understand the necessity to gain the knowledge, the tools, and the implemented systems and procedures, and do, on a regular basis, pay these large fees.

We teach you these tools and systems!

Our mission is to teach and train small business, the tricks, tools, and systems that large corporations pay thousands to learn and we intend to do it for a nominal and affordable fee. For us, it has become our responsibility.

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Our Approach to Training!

Because we do not "IMPLEMENT", we need to train and monitor so that "YOU" understand and can "self" implement.

To assist us in this endeavor, we keep our seminars small. We also assist in setting up "cohorts". Groups of small business owners that work together and support each other in the learning process. (If you decide to participate)

Want answers to:

  • How do I know I can afford another employee?
  • Where is my "PROFIT?"
  • Can I afford a new company vehicle?
  • Is my pricing strategy working?
  • How do you really read and understand an Income Statement?
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