Financial structure creates an environment of protection and pro-
active management. Your financials and activity are so
important not only internally but externally as well.
Outsiders (Banks and lenders) get a "warm fuzzy"
when you share your financial controls. Most
small business owners do not know or even
understand the importance of the company's
financials. If this is the case with you, take a
financial seminar and see what you have
been missing.

Why Take these Seminars?
Business financials are presented in one of two ways. 1) Taxed-based accounting which
helps to calculate the annual income tax or, 2) Internal Financial Management which focuses
on business information and presents financial data so that it can be used to manage
your business.

Available and Upcoming Business Financial

Management Training Seminars and Prices:


Level 1, Seminar 1: Reading an Income Statement and Chart of Accounts Development

  • Understanding and using an Income Statement is an important next step because this is the tool for managing profits and what it means to you as a
    leader. The Income statement shows you the money you spent to generate the money you earned. Using it requires understanding the math which in
    turn facilitates the better use of other financial tools that will be provided in this series of seminars.

  • PRICE: $128.00

    Level 1, Seminar 2: The Development & Analysis of Allocation Ratio

  • At the completion of this seminar, you will have the ability to monitor your cost of doing business. This is done by developing key performance indicators (KPIs.) Allocation Ratio is one of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) that we can teach you. This indicator is your business SPEAKING
    TO YOU. Understanding this ratio is in effect, YOU LISTENING.

  • PRICE: $230.00

    Level 1, Seminar 3: Develop a Pricing Strategy for your business

  • In small business, pricing is done using many different strategies. They include using the suggested Manufacturers Retail Selling Price; the "I price
    the way my father taught me method; or the method of pricing based on cost and then marking it up with included contingency expenses. These
    strategies are actually guesses with a little hope tossed in- "I sure hope it's right". Use Your financials (your cost of doing business) to develop a pricing strategy!

  • PRICE: $260.00

    Level 2, Seminar 4: Using the Internal Financial Management Workbook (provided Excel spreadsheet)

  • Once the attendee reaches this seminar, they will be provided with a user friendly "blank" Microsoft Excel Workbook, titled, "Internal
    Financial Management System.xls". The simple data entry and resulting automated system can be used to financially manage a business and the training
    to use this system is provided during this seminar.

  • PRICE: $268.00

    Level 2, Seminar 5: Breakeven Analysis

  • The principles of breakeven are simple, but to utilize breakeven to the fullest potential, businesses must understand all the components and the "simple mathematics" involved in calculating and utilizing breakeven analysis. Breakeven is your business providing you with advice about how to best
    utilize available monies that are constantly flowing through the business. This seminar, you will discover, is one of the most important business tools that
    you can get your hands on.

  • PRICE: $240.00

    Level 2, Seminar 6: Budgeting

  • Budgeting is important to pricing tool because the closer your budgeted pricing plan is, compared to your actual pricing results, the more profit you are making. The plan is working and on track, and business concerns decrease dramatically. In Seminar 6, the Internal Financial Management Workbook is
    used to create an automated budgeting system that requires little maintenance and provides a lot of bang for the buck.

  • PRICE: $285.00

    Level 3, Seminar 7: Understanding your Balance Sheet Ratios

  • This seminar is not meant to teach you how to read a balance sheet but rather what its purpose is and how it is to be used. Every financial decision
    made has an impact on the balance sheet, in one way or another. Being aware of the impact of decisions on the balance sheet's ratios is very important because, outsiders use these ratios determine the health of your venture and to determine lending risk.

  • PRICE: $135.00

    Level 3, Seminar 8: Pre-Determined Profit Planning

  • A business operates within certain parameters that are built around a known and planned profit goal. Pricing, financial management, and decisions are
    made with the goal of achieve a pre-determined profit. This seminar will use the accumulated financial knowledge and Internal Financial Management workbook to discuss predetermined Profitability and Profit Planning. The goal is to put "You in Control of your own Destiny."

  • PRICE: $230.00

    Level 3, Seminar 9: Measuring Return on Investment

  • To manage a business successfully, there is a need to recognize the importance of return on investment. It is not the
    same as just taking money to the bank and getting a percent of return on that investment - this business concept involves evaluating investment vs.
    return. As an example, would you like to know how to evaluating sales investment vs. your return on that investment, and/or effectiveness & efficiency
    of a sales person?

  • PRICE: $128.00

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