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Welcome to our Start Up business training

When we step out and decide to start our own business, the investment must be protected!

We are a team of business engineers. Our entire careers have revolved around teaching and training very large companies the art of increasing profits, longevity, financial management skills, plus much more...

We have developed specific training that is generally unavailable to the beginning entrepreneur. The first question you are asked when looking for help or investment is: Do you have a business plan?

To put together a business plan you need to understand how to develop a pro-forma, balance sheets, feasibility studies, pricing and other requirements. If you do not have these skills, you either have to rely on others to help you, use a pre-packaged software package, or in some cases, just give up.

Pulling together this "plan of attack" is not rocket science. You simply need to be taught. We can help and we make it more than affordable for a startup.

We will come to you! We do this service because "We are entrepreneurs and we have been there!

Our Mission

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